Leather & Steel -Morgan Tool Roll by Malle

Leather & Steel -Morgan Tool Roll by Malle
December 28, 2016 Man of Many

Leather & Steel -Morgan Tool Roll by Malle

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The Malle Morgan Tool Roll was developed in conjunction with the Bicester Heritage company, and each tool roll is handcrafted from genuine bridle leather and a thick and sturdy waxed canvas that’s stitched up very well for great durability using heavy-duty stitching and beautiful forged-brass fittings.

As far as we’re concerned, you could have one in your garage, one your basement, another in the car- and five more in the attic just because they’re so dang handsome. The Malle Morgan Tool Roll has it all, utility, durability, good looks, the reassuring feel of brass, and the unmistakable smell of bridal leather that will transport you into the landscape of a spaghetti western or classic WW1 film. Roll it out, and you’ve got a rudimentary workshop all within the space of 1X2 square feet, and they are as useful as they are photogenic.

These massively utilitarian tool rolls are designed to last for decades of regular use- if not longer as an indispensable and ever-reliable compliment to your tool collection. Its rolled up dimensions are a tidy 6.5? x 12.” You may well choose to keep it in your glove compartment or on the side of a motorcycle. Once you unroll it, you’ll see a huge load capacity with 20 tool pockets and a big slip pouch to keep small items secure. It’s all held closed snugly with twin brass buckle down straps that look as good as they work.

At just $215 USD, it makes a great gift and is sure to return the value in usefulness over the course of its lifetime.

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