No Swell? No Problem – The Boost Electric Surfboard by Lampuga

For surfers, growing up on the New South Wales coast is a blessing; you’re never more than a short drive away from a decent wave all year round. Some aren’t so lucky – perhaps the closest thing you have to something rideable is the wind chop on your local public swimming pool.

For the swell-impoverished (but financially-loaded) surfer, Hamburg-based Lampuga has the answer: The Boost electric surfboard. With its sleek carbon-fibre body and 15 horse power jet propelled engine, the Lampuga Boost will have you carving up, with or without a nearby break.

The board works like a battery powered Jet-Ski, using a rear-facing water jet for propulsion. Powered by a 52-volt lithium-ion battery, the Boost can achieve speeds of up to 55 km/h for up to 40 minutes, making it one of the fastest e-surfboards on the market. A hardwired twist throttle controls speed and turning, and a leg leash connects to the engine’s kill switch in case the rider falls off.

lampuga boost electric surfboard side

Priced at 15,550 euros, you’re unlikely to see too many of these crowding your local line-up. Save this one for Sunday off the back of your mate’s superyacht…

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lampuga electric surfboard twist throttle controls speed