NSW River Flooded with $50 Notes

It’s not every day you can paddle down a stream of actual money, but, since yesterday’s strange discovery of a river of $50 notes by a schoolboy in Dapto, police were forced to.

Using an inflatable dinghy and fishing nets, police from the Illawarra region in the south of Sydney set out on to the placid waters of Mullet Creek (just off Bong Bong Rd, of course), in Dapto, a suburb most famous for greyhound racing and a proclivity for Horizon cigarettes. They then proceeded to scoop the errant pineapples from the water.

“A schoolboy was on his was to school and he happened to look in the river and find some money,” said Chief Inspector Brian Pedersen, as told to Channel 9.

The notes have been taken back to a local police station to be checked with regards to their origins, as well as to see if they might be counterfeit or stolen.