Nubé – Suspended Tent

Literally ‘camp in the air’ with this innovative and ultimately practical Nubé Suspended Tent. Raising you and your gear protectively off the ground as well as keeping out unwanted insects and sheltering you from torrential downpours, the Nubé has surpassed our expectations ten-fold.
– Eight connection points and an aerodynamic design keep you firmly in place and shielded from the elements.
– ‘40 dernier nylon rip stop with 2 coats of silicone on the top and bottom of the fabric’ is a complete water barrier. Similarly, the hammock ends and suspension lines are enclosed in ‘closure sleeves’ to keep out any rain.
– A gear storage system that holds 200lbs is enclosed within the Nubé, allowing for easy access and complete protection.
– An insect shield encompasses the Nubé in its entirety.
Having reached their Kickstarter funding goal in 3 days, things are looking good

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