Oakley Jawbreaker Sports Sunglasses

Oakley in collaboration with Mark Cavendish, created a new line of eyewear that redefines sport performance. The new line boasts with outstanding engineering and forward-thinking style. Distinct features include protection for your eyes, ventilation and an extended field of view. Oakley used an eye tracking system to study potential improvements to a rider’s field of vision. This showed the upper periphery of the lens is crucial to give the visual field cyclists need for performance and safety. Oakley maximized that lens zone for Jawbreaker to give the wearer an unprecedented field of view. Temples can adjust to three different lengths for helmet compatibility and Switchlock technology allows for fast, secure lens changes for any environment. The Prizm Road is a new lens technology that is used in the Jawbreaker and it fine tunes vision for cyclists emphasizing colours where the is eye is most sensitive so riders can spot subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces.

oakley jawbreaker sports sunglasses on the floor

oakley jawbreaker sports sunglasses black