Opinel N°08 Workshop Walnut & Ebony Limited Edition Pocket Knife is One You’ll Pass Down

The Opinel N°08 Workshop Walnut & Ebony Limited Edition Pocket Knife takes advantage of what would normally be thrown out to create beautiful collector item knives.

opinel n°08 walnut & ebony knife handle

The Opinel family hails from the Savoie region of the French Alps. Joseph Opinel first invented his folding knife in 1890—a knife that would eventually become part of the French “savoir-vivre” philosophy. The Number 08 comes from that heritage of creating a simple, sturdy, efficient, and easy-to-use knife. What helps set the 08 even more apart from other knives is the handles are made of remainders leftover from the manufacturing process. The repurposed ebony and walnut are brought together with a stainless steel blade to create a limited edition knife. Only 100 of the 08 have been made, making supplies extremely limited.

opinel n°08 walnut & ebony knife box

The 08 is a multi-purpose blade. Everyone from handymen to gardeners and hunters can find uses for the blade. Using the remainder pieces of wood fits in nicely with Opinel’s philosophy of only using sustainably managed wood from French forests. Approximately 95 percent of the wood Opinel uses comes from these sources. The stainless steel used for the blades is a modified 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel with a high carbon content.

To this day, Opinel remains a small operation, with only 110 employees, 60 of whom work directly in production. That small team means that each knife is shown personal attention, ensuring the quality for generations to come.

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