perifit s play video games using your vagina

Perifit S Lets You Play Video Games Using Your Vagina

You read that correctly. Perifit S is about using your vagina, assuming you have one, to strengthen the pelvic muscles which are crucial for pregnancy, bladder control and sexual pleasure. Yes, it does resemble a sex toy, but its purpose is much more wholesome. Perifit S is a pelvic floor sensor, wirelessly connected to your smartphone, that’s designed to help you tone your pelvic floor muscles. It detects the force exerted when you squeeze your pelvic muscles and communicates that information back to your smartphone. Perifit S puts a personal pelvic floor gym, coach, and tracking system at your fingertips.

play video games using vagina

Perifit S is only 0.8 inches wide. It fits all body types and sizes and reports your specific lift strength with exceptional accuracy. Each level of the game is comprised of exercises and training programs designed by world-class women’s health specialists. The exercise programs target improving specific fibre groups within your pelvic floor muscles, making the workout highly efficient and customised to your individual needs. Sadly, Perifit is only compatible with the exercise app. It can’t be used for Halo or Mario Kart.

perifit led fast-tracking new s model

The popularity of the original Perifit led to the fast-tracking of the new S model. Apart from an enhanced and comfortable design, the S model is much more eco-friendly, and now it can be repaired and the battery replaced. It’s also available in your choice of blue, green, pink or black.

Perifit S is currently campaigning via Kickstarter where it’s already passed the funding goal because how could it not?

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perifit s video games

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