An AirBNB for Pools Service ‘Swimply’ is Now Live in Australia

If you don’t live anywhere near the beach and can’t stand sharing a pool with the public, you need to check out Swimply. Described as “the Airbnb of swimming pools,” Swimply is the first online marketplace for pool sharing, allowing you to book neighbourhood pools by the hour to enjoy in private.

The pool sharing platform connects owners of private pools with people looking to get their hands on one. Non-pool owners get affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury, while pool owners earn an effortless, substantial income from their underutilised pools.

swimply pool sharing

Swimply works like this: jump onto their website, use the search tool to find pools in your area, arrange a time, pay the fee, and you and your friends or family are on your way to splashing through summer. Like Airbnb, many of the pools include excellent little bonuses like the use of outdoor furniture, washrooms, pool toys, barbeques and in some instances, even WiFi.

Since launching in Australia in late 2019, Swimply already possesses a great range of pools across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and even some regional areas. Prices range accordingly to areas, size, and quality of the pools, so there’s an option to suit every budget.

pool sharing platform

Or, if you own a pool and could use some extra coin, it only takes 3-5 minutes to list on Swimply, and it’s completely free. Just upload a couple of pictures and details of your pool and how you want it run. You’re in full control of availability, prices, pool rules, and whether or not to accept a given request. Pools are expensive to run. Flip the switch and make that hardly-used paradise work for you.

Since launching in the U.S. Swimply is expanding to overseas markets and the selection of pools across Australia continues to grow. If there’s nothing available in your area, it’s only a matter of time before a pool pops up.

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