practix combines a kettlebell and dumbbell

Practix Combines a Kettlebell and Dumbbell

Who has time for the gym? Certainly not I. So it’s a home workout then. Dumbbells or kettlebells? What’s the correct weight for me? What if I need to level up? Will I have the space for all that equipment? Probably not. What’s that, you say? Practix is a fitness product designed to solve exactly these problems? Hooray!

Ok, enough of that infomercial garbage. By combining an adjustable kettlebell and dumbbell into one product, Practix enables versatile workouts at home without concern for space limitations. The unique click and turn release allows you to adjust the weight fast and easy. Unpack the kit, then piece it back together for your optimal weight and workout. It’s real simple.

men workout by dumbbell

Practix comes in two different sizes. The M25 is the lighter set, the perfect size and weight for transporting to an ideal workout location. The M25 replaces 4 kettlebells and 3 dumbbells with weights ranging from 2.3 to 11.5kg. The M45 is Ideal for personal trainers, who carry their gear to customer’s houses, and for those who lack the floor space and like to grow muscles. The M45 replaces 7 kettlebells and 6 dumbbells with a range of 2.3 to 20.5kg. The weight set is also available in a variety of cool colours.

Practix is up on Kickstarter right now. Reaching the funding goal was no problem. there’s still plenty of time to secure your set for when Practix launches in September.

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 kettlebell and dumbbell different size

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