Rangerwood 55 Survival Knife by Victorinox

Not all multi-tools are created equal. None of the innumerable Swiss Army knives available on the market- or even genuine Swiss Army knives can possibly have everything you could want- not without being a five-pound monster that you would never want to carry.

But the Rangerwood 55 by Victorinox gives you all the essentials you could ask for in a Swiss Army multitool, and it does it with a pretty high level of quality. The walnut covering has a rough- but not too rough- finish that provides an atmospheric rustic quality with a deceptively smooth finish. The main knife is both spring-loaded and locking for extra safety- something you don’t see often in multitool style pocket knives. What’s more, the Swiss Army logo sunk into the wood finish doubles as a lock release for the knife, which is a nice touch.

Other tools on this knife have the added safety of a pressure lock system. This works by locking the tool into place when tensile pressure is applied, making it lock in place during use for added safety and utility. It also comes with a saw tool that is much bigger and stronger than any saw ever incorporated into any multi-tool ever, hands down. One reviewer claims that he was able to cut through a 2×4 with it in less than a minute! We don’t know if it’s that strong, but it will definitely to its job.

The Rangerwood 55 by Victorinox retails at $75 USD.

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