Rino Ready Advanced Two Person Survival Kit Has Everything You Need

It may not be Batman’s utility belt, but the Rino Ready Companion earns the title of being the most advanced two person survival kit out there. It’s those first 72 hours of a crisis that you need to worry about, and the Companion has you covered with over 40 items to match your needs.

The companion isn’t just a stockpile of equipment, it’s an organised pack that keeps you covered. The pack itself is made of waterproof and fire resistant fabric and a rigid exoskeleton. It also has military grade attachment points for you to add on any number of items and tools to increase your carrying capacity. Inside the pack you’ll find a crank operated or solar powered phone charger, radio, and flashlight to keep you connected.

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There’s also a mask with goggles to keep you breathing safely and to keep you seeing where you’re going. The kit also provides a multi-tool, paracord, a full-tang blade, and a fire starter. Hydration is key in survival situations, and Rino provides three options—tablets, boiling, or sachets. The kit includes a 100+ piece first aid kit and a survival guide. For shelter, there is a tent, raincoat, and blanket as well as winterized work gloves and hand warmers.

Plus, the kit includes a headlamp, glow sticks, and stormproof matches for when things get dark. And don’t forget the food rations.

You can pick up your Rino Ready by participating in their Kickstarter program, with pledges starting at USD$149.

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