Rival Aquaman with the Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves

When it comes to swimming, the name of the game is surface area. If you want to improve your paddle speed, then adding a pair of Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves will due just that. The webs between the fingers of the glove increase the surface area of your hand by 70 percent. That increase translates into more water being pushed for better propulsion.

darkfin web gloves

The gloves are made of ultra-thin 0.9 mm material that has no seams or glue or stitching lines. And because the material is so thin, you’ll still have the dexterity you need to operate small buttons on an underwater camera or to adjust diving equipment. Even though they are thin, the gloves still provide an extra layer of insulation, allowing you to stay in the water longer.

darkfin hand gloves

The gloves are meant to be worn skin tight, so getting the right size is important. You’ll also want to use a bit of silicone lubricant spray to get the gloves on your hands. Or, put the gloves on in the water. Remove them by peeling the gloves off from the wrist.

darkfin mermaid gloves

The Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves are perfect for any water activity—from surfing and free diving to snorkeling and kayaking.

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