Roark’s Saigon Special is Simple and Simply Works

When you’re a boy scout, a knife that has more features than you can count on both your hands and feet seems pretty cool. But you’re an adult now, and knives that border on being tools don’t really have a place in your tool belt, much less in your pocket. The Roark Saigon Special pocket knife is more your style. The Saigon Special has a low profile that you can easily and quickly hide away in your pocket, yet it’s perfectly functional.

That’s not to say that there aren’t multiple functions on the Saigon Special. It does have a bottle opener on it. But you’re not going to find a screwdriver, awl, can opener, bottle opener, tweezers, and a toothpick on this utilitarian blade.

saigon pocket knife

The Saigon Special has a snub blade design. It does come to a point, but that point is a bit more chisel-like than it is hunting or carving knife. The flat edge is razor-sharp, and provides plenty of length for cutting. The point can be used for digging and even for prying. Made of black 440 stainless steel, the blade folds into an aluminium handle.

The handle comes in either grey or black and features fine knurling, which makes the knife easier to hold. The gold back is made of stainless steel plated with gold titanium. The back also extends down to form the bottle opener and functions as a belt clip. The pocket knife uses a liner lock and has a thumb flip for easy opening.

If you’re looking for a simple blade that will hold up and just get the job done without you having to wade through every little creative thought that the knife designer could think up, then a simple blade-like Roark’s Saigon Special is what you’re looking for. The knife is available now for USD$45.

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