ROME X Snurfer Powder Division 148

Snurfer, one of the brands that originally brought snowboarding to life was re-invigorated last year by Balance Designs. They have teamed up with another Vermont-based company, ROME, to bring out the limited edition ROME X Snurfer Powder Division 148. There have only been 100 made so the ‘limited edition’ is not just a marketing ploy – these bad boys are very exclusive. And yes, the board can somehow be ridden with or without bindings.

Based on the Rome Powder Division 148, the shortest and widest board in that collection, the Rome x Snurfer output maximizes snow displacement in front while tapering into a swallowtail. The result is great – a nimble powder board that can slash and weave with style, with or without bindings. If you’re a real hardo and don’t want the bindings, just add a rope through the two nose holes and head to your favorite hill.

Rome takes the design even further to maximize powder performance with a rockered nose that meets up with positive camber in the middle portion and tail portion of the board for a unique blend of casual fun and the ability to do some sharp slashing. Combine this with its set-back stance and this board can soar through bottomless powder and still have enough kick to keep your GoPro videos looking great.

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