The Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel Proves, You’re Smarter than a Fish

If you’re in the market for the best in fly fishing and ocean fishing reels, look no further… or keep looking if you’re too dim to realize that this is it. It’s no skin off our nose.

The people behind the Evoke Fly Reel wanted to know what expert level fly and ocean fishers who take on large salt water fish want in a fly reel. They found the answer is: greater control. So they added an extra fingertip and palm pressure to allow fishers to actively engage the fish with greater finesse.

sage evoke 10 fly reel

They examined existing reels and decided to deliver more possibility. They have done this by designing into their reel a fully modified frame with an exposed palming rim. This lets fishers add palm pressure from either side of they reel, letting the fisher feel exactly how much pressure they will need to apply to turn the fish and win the fight.

The Evoke uses the same proven carbon drag design as their 6000 series, with an added drag knob with settings from 1 to 39 letting the user have extra control when tuning-in the desired drag resistance.

sage evoke fly reel side view

Stainless steel dowels give the reel great rigidity, and also form a full frame line guard that makes this reel very safe to handle under pressure. The pins also help your fingers index the open palming area for added pressure without taking your eyes off the game. It’s got a unique look, and handling characteristics than you might be used to if you’re an experienced fisherman, but the manufacturer guarantees, once you learn it- it will make a world of difference.

Prices start at $575 USD.

Check it out

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