Sanborn Canoe Co. is Bringing Back the Classic Merrimack Canoe

The original Merrimack Canoe, a classic wood reinforced composite canoe, was developed by L.H. Beach more than 60 years ago. Sanborn Canoe company wants to bring back the timeless design and they are using Kickstarter to achieve that goal. From the early images, it looks like they’re doing just fine on that mission.

The modern iteration includes a hull that built with a layup of fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber. Although you’ll see that from many other canoe makers, what makes a Merrimack a unique canoe is that it is then reinforced with actual wood ribs which run the full length of the hull. This design is an aesthetically and functionally pleasing blend of modern technologies and old school sensibilities. Each of these Merrimack Canoes is handmade and trimmed out with wooden gunnels, seats, decks and thwarts, before it is inlaid with a brass medallion on the front deck. The result is a canoe that is beautiful, lightweight, modern and classic all at the same time.

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