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Shinola x Burton Commemorates Jake Burton’s Greatest Adventure

Jake Burton Carpenter may have met an untimely death due to cancer on November 20, 2019, but he left behind a legacy of innovation and an indelible impact on the world around him. A part of that legacy, and a major part of his impact, is reflected in the friendships he had. To celebrate Jake’s life, adventure-wear brand Burton and Detroit watchmaker Shinola created the Great Americans Series—a timepiece gift set limited to just 1,977 pieces that commemorates Jake, his life, and his friends.

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The collaboration between Burton and Shinola is a perfect example of how Jake made friends throughout his life. “Many years ago, Jake called me and said, ‘There’s a really cool guy who sits on the board at Burton and I want to get to know him better. He’s into sports and I’m thinking of inviting him to a U of M game at the Big House on a Saturday and a Detroit Lions vs the New York Giants game the following Sunday,’” recalls Mike Cox, Jake’s right-hand man.

“The really cool guy was Shinola Founder, Tom Kartsotis. And I believe that was Jake’s first time visiting Detroit and the beginning of a wonderful friendship that carried beyond their business relationship. I am honored to be a part of this watch project, working with Jake’s family and the Burton and Shinola teams to create this special tribute to Jake.”

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The gift set consists of a JBC Duck Watch—a fittingly rugged watch to commemorate a no-holds-barred life. The 42mm stainless steel case is covered with a sapphire crystal. The blue dial is adorned with red and white detailing, as well as the Burton logo. The case back features a 3D engraving of Jake on an early Burton snowboard.

Along with the watch, the set comes with a coffee table book titled 13: The Story of Jake Burton Carpenter. The book is replete with photos and stories from Jake’s life. The book and watch come in a leather cooler backpack modelled after the carrying case that Jake made for carrying snowboard boots and beers. Finally, the kit also comes with a 1979 Burton Backhill board, the first production board that Burton ever made. As far as backstories of products and friendships go, this is one for the history books—and collector’s shelves.

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