500m Range on this Compact RF DroneGun MKIII

Shoot Drones from the Sky with the DroneGun MKIII

You know how flies just buzz around annoying you? It won’t be long before drones are doing the same thing, only these annoying pests could be capturing images of you, your loved ones, or the possessions in your home. But just like we have a flyswatter for dealing with flies, there is now a countermeasure for drones.

DroneShield’s DroneGun MKIII looks like a sci-fi handheld cannon—and for drones that’s exactly what it is.

drone gun MKIII interface

Now let’s be clear, you won’t be seeing any explosions when you use the DroneGun. Rather, the DroneGun uses a frequency jamming pulse of electromagnetic “noise” to disrupt the drone’s RF signal. The result is that the drone loses contact with its controller—including video—and will go into a safe landing mode or it will return to its take-off point. This technology doesn’t disrupt any payload the drone may be carrying, such as explosives. The MKIII will work on drones that are within a 0.3 mile range, making it useful in an urban setting.

500m Range on this Compact RF DroneGun MKIII front

It weighs only 4.3 pounds and is designed to be used single-handed (like a pistol). You can get one hour of use out of a single charge on its lithium-ion battery pack. The gun can go from cold to ready to fire in just three seconds, making it ready for action at a moment’s notice. Weatherproof and dust resistant, the DroneGun MKIII is perfect for military use, which means it’s definitely up to any other challenge you throw at it.

500m Range on this Compact RF DroneGun MKIII battery

Currently, because of FCC authorization, only government agencies can purchase the DroneGun. However, as more drone incursions and invasions happen, those restrictions are bound to loosen up, allowing normal citizens the means to protect themselves, their families, and their property. This is the drone swatter you’ll need to get rid of those pesky drones buzzing around your house.

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Featured Video from Man of Many

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