Side Project Skateboards

Side Project skateboards are the bomb. Fast and sleek they take you up and over in fine style. The brand features vintage inspired boards by Jake Eshelman, the owner who takes each board from inception to packaging himself. The captivating Number 7 is as unique as they come. Designed and crafted using Recovered American Maple. Profile is vintage inspired with a rich grain pattern and amber cast. Another fine board is the number 27. Crafted using North American Swamp Ash using light and dark stripes. Rounded edges and hand sanded wheel wells. Dimensions are 30” x 7.25”. Both boards have Bennett Vector 4.3” trucks, Tekton 6-ball bearings and Seismic 3dm Cambria wheels. Each board is reminiscent of the early 1960s when the skate culture emerged.

side project skateboards on the shoulder

side project skateboards in the hand

side project skateboards wheels

side project skateboards interior design

side project skateboards indigo

side project skateboards indigo josh anderson side project skateboards black

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