Size Matters – The BioLite BaseLantern

The history of innovation goes to show that many of the best gadgets are made even better when brought to down to a manageable size. After all, wasn’t the computer itself once the size of your living room wall? Now you can fit one in your pocket. And have you ever seen a synthesizer from the 60s or 70s? Yikes!

big things in small packages is the biolite baselantern

The latest invention to (potentially) cash in on the convenience of big things in small packages is the BioLite BaseLantern, the world’s first flatback lantern. This nifty tool for all our off-the-grid adventures is currently killing it on Kickstarter with about 400K more in backing than they even expected. Obviously, size still matters. People are going hogwild over this thing.

biolite satisfies all your basic light

Perhaps the reason the BioLite is doing so well is because it just makes plain sense. If you’re out camping or hunting and don’t want to bring a generator or some complicated power source, the BioLite satisfies all your basic light and energy needs with a gadget that’s about the size of your average sandwich. In essence it’s a reliable light-source that doubles as a smart-grid, able to power your phone and other devices, provide real-time energy data and connect to Bluetooth. So while your friends are kicking it old-school with clunky lanterns and cumbersome power sources, show off your saviness by whipping out one of these babies out of your backpack.

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biolite satisfies all your basic light and energy