Beardo Ski Masks Bring Out the Inner Animal

Beardo Animal Ski Masks are venturing into the Animal Kingdom. If you’re not familiar with Beardo, the gear was the brain child of Jeff Phillips. Phillips chasing powder around the globe when he came up with the first Beardo in Whistler, British Colombia. This first prototype came from bastardizing an old knit scarf. Since then, Beardo has “severely refined” the design, earning a patent.

beardo ski masks with eyewear

The newest addition to the Beardo product offering are animal ski masks. Thanks to a kickstarter campaign, Beardo was able to introduce animal prints to its ski mask line. You’ll find all sorts of delegates from the Animal Kingdom in this line, from pandas, koalas, and lions to angry and happy cats. Beardo wasn’t so lazy as to just sew together an animal print, though. They’ve gone the extra mile and added ears that match the print as well.

beardo ski masks available adults and juniors

The masks are one size fits most, and are intended for adults and juniors, though they may fit some children. They’re made of element-repelling polyester flex material and feature an anti-microbial treatment to help keep the masks clean and odor free. The masks offer wind and UV protection as wel as a soft fleece lining to keep you warm.

Beardo not only keeps you warm as you carve up the slopes, it also lets you channel your spirit animal and unleash it on that fresh powder.

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beardo ski masks polyester flex material

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