The Forge Drakkar Skateboard is the Most Beautiful Longboard You’ll Never Ride

How can something as classic as a longboard skateboard reflect the past? Brooklyn art studio and design team known as the The Forge, an arm of the better-known Outlaw’s Landing, tackled this question and the Forge Drakkar Skateboard was the result: a modern industrial take on the modern longboard, inspired by classic Viking ships. In other words, that great old piece of wood that might be use as a coffee table or art sculpture is instead transformed into the most beautiful wooden longboard you have ever seen.

forge drakkar skateboard wheels

These ornate pieces of stained and polished black walnut wood also feature while wheels and polished brass skid plates, fashioned by metal workers out of Kumasi, Ghana. As each piece of black walnut is unique, so is each board, all with different patterns in the wood and places that may be more cracked then others. That’s why the Forge has limited to production to a total of 100, making these boards even more valuable after you are able to get one. Each board is also numbered and stamped with the seal and symbol of the artist studio The Forge making it even more official.

forge drakkar skateboard side

You can write Outlaws Landing and request a quote from them, as each board is also valued differently. Of course, please understand—you’re not buying a longboard you can actually ride. This is a work of art.

forge drakkar skateboard backside

forge drakkar skateboard white color wheels

forge drakkar skateboard gold front side

forge drakkar skateboard bottom view

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