Get Fit and Improve Your Moves with Revolution’s Balance Boards

Revolution’s 2016 range of balance boards are the perfect tools for improving your surfing, skating or fitness level from at home, so there’s no need to worry about making a fool of yourself in public. From edge-to-edge, each board features a soft grip surface that’s comfortable with or without shoes. The grip material doesn’t feel like sandpaper and won’t scratch the floors. Revolution’s 2016 range features four boards, each comes with at least one roller that caters to a different crowd or skill level. The rollers operate on a weight system so that the board stays in place when attempting tricks.

revolution balance boards riding

The 1-0-1 base model is the perfect introduction to balance boards and can be used to improve body control for skateboarding, snowboarding and paddle boarding. CORE 32 is the more advanced board that allows for complex tricks and skill progression. FIT is a 3-in-1 board that caters for the fitness buffs. It comes packaged with a rocker, wobbler and roller. FIT also allows for yoga exercises. The final board is the SWELL which is designed to emulate conditions for surfers and wake boarders.

Each board is crafted with Revolution’s ‘bombproof’ design and is made in the USA from top materials. The prices vary only slightly between boards with the 1-0-1 being the cheapest coming in around $100 U.S.

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revolution fit 3 in 1 balance board

revolution fit balance board with high grip roller

revolution fit balance board with high grip roller blue