Hop On the Newest Transportation Trend with the Track 1 eBoard

It seems like it was only yesterday when social media was abuzz with our friends and family flying around, and most likely injuring themselves, atop hover boards. While that craze has come and gone in explosive fashion (pun intended,) a new machine seems primed to take its place; the Track 1 eBoard from Flux.

track 1 eboard two equipment wheels

Currently in the prototyping stage, the Track 1 is a personal all-terrain vehicle capable of traversing even the most treacherous environments. Equipped with two wheels, a set of treads and a fortified foot-board deck, the Track 1 provides plenty of punch to get you from point A to point B, but is still compact enough to fit into the backseat of a car.

men riding with track 1 eboard in water

The Track 1 is named as a result of being the first of its kind to utilizing a track-drive power system, combining speed, strength, and smooth sailing. The Track 1 impresses with its looks, but also its functionality. It can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH, travel 12 miles at a time, harnesses 5 horse power, and fully charges in under 3 hours.

track 1 eboard back side

Similar to a surf or snowboard, you lean and turn with your whole body. With just a slight adjustment on your part, the 60-pound ATV does the rest of the work for you – providing you a fast and fun mode of transportation.

Flux aims to ship the first Track 1 boards beginning in early 2018. If this interests you, and you wish to be one of the few to claim they started this trend, head over to their site with the link below and pledge your commitment to the cause. I know I will be.

Check it out

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