Just in Time – The Tag Heuer Electric Board

My greatest achievement at university was getting a credit on an essay I started the night before it was due. So how do you think I feel when I see what Geun Pack, a Korean student at Hongik University in Seoul, has cooked up during his studies. For his graduation project, he’s created the Tag Heuer Electric Board, an electric skateboard made in homage to the ethos of the famous watchmakers.

tag heuer watch

The board’s design recalls the hour-hand of a Tag Heuer watch – all sharp, angular lines and industrial precision. It’s heavy on the matte-black carbon-fibre, but balanced out by subtle rose-gold detailing and rounded edges. It can reach speeds of almost 100km/h and can get you 56km before it needs to be recharged.

tag heuer remote handles speed and breaking

It’s all controlled by a compact remote control that handles speed and breaking and fits back snugly into the board for safe-keeping. The remote features an ergonomic thumbwheel and LED-interface and look s like something straight out the latest Star Trek film.

And here was I thinking university was only good for drinking and sleeping in.

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