Skating on Frozen Sand in Northbound

In Northbound, four Norwegian skaters traded the sidewalks and rails for ice, driftwood, waves and frozen sand. What’s astounding is that the lads pulled it off! It turns out mad urban skills can be applied to the most uncanny environments.

The skaters found that the cold and sand made it very challenging to perform tricks they could usually stomp with their eyes closed. Their trucks got stiff from the cold, so the skaters didn’t have any board feel. But then again, it made it so much cooler to stick the basic tricks.

skating over frozen sand

The guys even built a ramp out of wood and filled it with sand and fresh water. A few days later, a big storm came in and washed the whole ramp away, so they were lucky and got the perfect ending to the film. It’s the lighting conditions that make this imagery truly memorable. “The amazing thing about travelling north is that the light is so different there. In summer the sun never sets, and in winter the sun never rises” said Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Director of Northbound.

skating stunt stand

Northbound has been out for a few months and its only 8 minutes long. So if you haven’t seen it yet, what’s stopping you? Certainly not ice or sand.

Check it out

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