Surf the Slackline With the RBD Lineboard

Slacklining–aka tightrope walking for amateurs–has taken off across the world and like parkour the hobby is becoming a full-time obsession for hardcore enthusiasts. However, while many are content to walk the line and call it a day, the thrill-seekers at RBD took one look at slacklining and felt something was missing: a board. After all, if we can make a board to ride a moving wave or cruise through snow then certainly we can figure out how to get one on a slackline.

surf the slackline rbd lineboard footwear

The dream is becoming a reality one kickstarter dollar at a time (full disclosure: the patent is still pending) with the RBD Lineboard prototype. With a Lineboard at your disposal, a slackline or even a hardline becomes a rail that you can skate or surf or bounce across thanks to the board’s unique curvature. Once you’ve mastered the technique you’ll be able to stall, press, just, spin and even flip off the line using the Lineboard with the same agility and control as the many other boards in your arsenal.

surf the slackline rbd lineboard on rope

The potential for the Lineboard is even broader than it first appears. One of the other intended uses is to incorporate a roller. That’s when you take a 4-foot ABS pipe, add some end caps and tape the whole thing together to basically create a log on which your Lineboard can mount and roll. It’s just one of the many potential tricks or challenges you can learn if and when the Lineboard hits the market.

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