Bentley Gets Skis from Bomber

Collaborations aren’t anything new. Companies get together all the time to create unique products. Luxury auto maker Bentley has teamed up with ski manufacturer Bomber on skis that fit that profile perfectly.

Bomber is best known for employing skilled artisans that handcraft all of their skis in a small factory outside of Cossato, Italy. The artisans start with a solid wood core that is then finished with carbon steel to provide balance, flexibility, and rigidity to their skis. Bomber focuses on performance with their skis. For Bentley, Bomber created two styles of limited edition skis. These skis feature Bentley’s iconic diamond pattern, which is stitched into the leather interiors of their cars. This diamond pattern is accomplished with inserts that are done in glossy black for one set of skis and 24-karat yellow gold for the other. But remember, Bomber is all about performance, so that diamond pattern isn’t just to get the Bentley name on the skis in some sort of marketing ploy. Rather, the three-dimensional grid design is placed in the precise areas that a skier needs more support and responsiveness. “Everything we design has purpose,” says Chris Cooke, the Lead Designer for Bentley Motors, “so the 3D geometry on the surface of the ski not only creates a dramatic aesthetic, but is concentrated around the areas where support and response are needed most by the skier. This creates a design execution that has never been seen before and an experience for the user that surpasses all expectations.”

That design was put to the test by Bode Miller, who is a part owner in Bomber. “On Bomber skis,” says Miller, “one can actually feel the passion of the craftsmen that build them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce. I’m thrilled to see this partnership with Bentley Motors so that we can enhance that 360-degree experience to even more enthusiasts throughout the world.”

The skis will be made in a limited run, with only 200 pairs of the Black Diamond 84 being made and 200 pairs of the gold Centenary Edition 84. Both skis require over 32 hours of work to complete by hand. You can pick up either pair from Bomber’s web site. The Black Diamonds run for $2,750 while the Centenary editions will cost you $3,750.

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