Blueprint Eyewear Keeps You Shreddin’ the Slopes

Huckberry’s Blueprint Eyewear takes to heart the unofficial Marine Corps slogan, “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” No doubt you’ve been there. You’re killing it on a beautiful ski or snowboarding day with perfect powder and a crystal clear day. Then clouds roll in and your blue skies are suddenly dark and foreboding. Those mirrored goggles aren’t going to do you much good in the lower light. Now, you might be the Eagle Scout of shredders, prepared with every goggle you can imagine for every possible weather scenario. But who has room for all that gear? And who wants to carry it around?

men wearing blueprint eyewear

That’s where the Blueprint Eyewear allow you to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Improvising with Blueprints is as simple as swapping out your lenses. Blueprints are made with a powerful magnet that hold the lens in place. Changing them is just a matter of pulling off the current lens and swapping it for the new one. The magnets guide it into the correct place, so no hassles getting them lined up just right. In three seconds, you’ve adapted to your new surroundings, and you’re back to overcoming that snowy terrain.

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With three layers of cushy foam, Blueprints fit any face shape and helmet—and they’re comfortable. If you don’t want to give up precious time on the slopes while you wait for the sky to clear (or darken, as the case may be), then outfit yourself with some Blueprint Eyewear.

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