Oh Snap: Burton Makes a New Step On Boot Binding System

When it comes to snowboarding gear, industry leader Burton is routinely thinking ahead of the curve. However, sometimes that means looking backward and perfecting a previously good idea. Specifically, the brand recently introduced Step On, which marks an optimised return to a step-in binding system that went of favour years ago. However, don’t mistake Step On for a passing fad. Doing away with straps entirely, the bindings nevertheless retain a prime aesthetic while delivering security, comfort and an easy fit.

Ready as soon as you are, Burton’s Step On is compatible with any board and mounting system. The gear works by utilising three connection points at the toes and heel, respectively. As a result, expect binding that’s fast, adjustable and devoid of laces or straps. When done for the day, simply use a quick-release lever and you’re out virtually as easy as you were in.

While the Burton Step On sounds like an easy win, snowboarders are quite loyal to their gear. Hence, there are some reservations among the pros and enthusiasts toward adopting what appears to be a system that went out of style. That said, most reviews indicate that Step On is a major improvement from the step-in system of yore, meaning this could be very well be the revolution Burton is hyping it up to be. The only way to find out, of course, is to get Step On for yourself and then take it the slopes.

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