Carve Out The Perfect Path with Oakley Prizm

Snow goggles are one of the most important accessories in any skier or snowboarder’s arsenal. Apart from the obvious function of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays which reflect off the snow, maintaining perfect vision when you’re hurtling down a black run at 60kmh is critical – ice-cold air stings the eyes like a mofo at that speed.

 oakley prizm eyewear

Oakley have gone one step further in developing their premium range of snow goggles, with Prizm Lens Technology designed for action and adventure on the snow. With lenses that fine-tune specific, individual wavelengths of colour, Prizm sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would otherwise be missed by the naked eye. How does that translate to a better time on the snow fields you ask? By seeing every groove, bump, ditch, contour and rise in the snow’s surface, you can effectively carve out the perfect path during your descent.

two men wearing oakley prizm eyewear

Snow sports are fast-paced and as a result can be incredibly dangerous, so having every possible advantage when you’re making your way down the perfect slope is imperative. Where other ski equipment merely protects your eyes, Oakley Prizm snow goggles go above and beyond the call of duty by giving you the upper hand.

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