Hockey Has a New Home: the EZ Ice Backyard Rink

Did your parents ever tell you to take it outside? Sometimes, “it”—baseball, basketball, even football—could be done in the living room or in the yard. But what about those times when “it” was hockey? Sure, you could grab a broom and a ball, even throw on some roller blades, but that authentic feel of hockey just doesn’t happen without some ice and freshly sharpened blades. In colder climates, many communities offer ice rinks, but times are limited for when you can play, or, you have to share the ice with someone wearing tights and toe picks.

ez ice backyard rink changes

The EZ Ice Backyard Rink changes all that. The system is super simple. Just put up the walls using the 5-foot barriers, add the braces, and drape the liner. In just 60 minutes, you’ll be filling your rink with water—then comes the waiting for the ice to freeze. You won’t need any tools, the walls slip together easily, and you won’t be pounding in any stakes. You also don’t have to worry about finding a level spot. As long as it’s close to level, the EZ ice rink will compensate up to one foot of drop over the distance of the rink.

ez ice backyard rink predetermined sizes

You can order the EZ Ice Backyard Rink in predetermined sizes, including up to NHL regulations, or customize your rink by ordering in 5-foot increments.

The next time your living room hockey game gets out of control, just set up the EZ Ice Backyard Rink—and save the furniture.

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