The Nissan 370Zki Concept Turns Snow Bunny

Nissan is calling attention to its two-seat sports coupe with the Nissan 370Zki concept car by outfitting the car for the slopes. The back tires have been replaced with what are basically snowmobile treads. The front wheels are now skis. Aside from the minor adaptations needed to fit the treads as well as optimizing the high ride height and modifying the drivetrain mounts, as well as adding a skid plate, the 370Z remains basically the same. The 370Zki’s 332-horspower V6 gives plenty of get-up-and-go on the snow covered hills.

nissan 370zki front

While it’s hard to beat a good day of snowmobiling, the added comfort of the coupe’s seating might just let you stay out there longer. Plus, turning up the heat inside the car will definitely help keep the one challenge of snowmobiling away—freezing while plowing through all that powder. If you’re more of a traditionalist and just can’t snowmobile without the cold, you can always put the convertible top down.

nissan 370zki back side

You may not be able to get to all the same areas that a smaller snowmobile can take you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be confined to the bunny slopes either. Although, the eye-catching vinyl wrap will garner plenty of attention—if the snowmobile treads don’t do that already.

men sitting on the nissan 370zki

Being a concept, especially one as limited to snow terrain as the 370Zki is, this car doesn’t indicate the future of the 370Z. As a proof of concept, though, this car just might inspire similar mods.

Check it out

wheel nissan 370zki

side view nissan 370zki

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