Oakley Fall Line XL Prizm React Goggles Take the Chore out of Lens Switches

Everyone wants the convenience of being able to change out the lenses of their goggles. Conditions change, and being able to change your lens to match is important. That being said, while everyone wants to be able to change their lenses at any given moment, no one wants the hassle of having to carry around all those extra lenses. Oakley’s XL Prizm React Goggles fix that problem. Using the change technology of the Prizm React Lens, the tint of these goggles can be controlled with just a simple push of a button.

oakley fall line xl prizm react goggles front

The button on the Prizm React Goggles lets you toggle through three different Prizm lenses. The first lens, Prizm Rose, is perfect for low light settings. Prizm Torch, the second lens, is perfect for midday when the sun is up, but there’s still some cloud cover. The final setting, Prism Black, should be used when the sun is fully out and the skies are clear. The goggles are operated by a USB rechargeable battery that has a week of battery life on a single charge.

Aside from the lens changing quality, the Prizm React Goggles also feature a rimless design and impressive clarity. The cylindrical design also offers a wider field of view. The goggles are also waterproof and help prevent fogging with medium ventilation.

Please note that new PRIZM React Goggles will be made available in Australia in August 2019.

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