Roam Ski Exoskeleton is Carving Up the Slopes

Roam Robotics has a mission to “enhance strength, speed, and endurance for everyday people.” They’ve been developing products that have the aim of making it easier to move, and their first product is aimed at skiers.

man on skis roam ski exoskeleton

Elevate is a robotic exoskeleton developed by Roam. The exoskeleton is designed to boost the skiing experience by allowing you to ski harder and longer. The system consists of two parts. The first is a backpack that provides the power and the processing. The second are strap-on leg braces that offer support to your knees and quads. At first blush you may think that that is all to this system, but there’s much more. The exoskeleton has a series of sensors that send information to the processing unit, where software calculates what you need in terms of torque at the knee to provide support. Using a companion app that works in either Android or iOS, you can adjust how much the exoskeleton does.

roam ski on the hill

According to Roam, the exoskeleton is like a pair of “intelligent shock absorbers” and can help advanced skiers push through turns and recover from injuries more quickly. For the more casual skier, and even the elderly skier, the exoskeleton can reduce strain on the legs, preventing fatigue and letting you stay out longer.

The future is rapidly approaching, and Roam’s Ski Exoskeleton is an exciting look at what awaits us.

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