Snowboarding the Rocky Steps

What do you do for a video set in Philadelphia? You include a Rocky-esque training montage. Add in a ride down the rails of the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art. The steps have featured prominently in the Rocky story, becoming a symbol of hard work and determination—a perfect backdrop for Seb Toots.

Snowboarding the Rocky Steps

Sebastien Toutant—Seb Toots—is a Canadian snowboarder and is the current reigning Olympic champion in men’s big air snowboarding, an event that made its debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Toots is also a two-time gold medal winner in slopestyle at the 2011 and 2013 X Games.

Seb Toots

The video features Toots trying to do a rail ride down the 72 steps in front of the museum. After a few failed attempts, Pat Bridges, the creative director for Snowboarder Magazine, steps in for the training montage.

Bridges takes Toots through a series of exercises that are both funny and plausible. The end result is that Toots is able to ride the rail, only to be chased off by a security guard. It’s a humorous look at a recognisable scene from athletic movies.

The video was sponsored by Red Bull and appears on their YouTube channel.

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