Split Snowboard from Weston Introduces You to New Snow

The newest trend on winter slopes is splitboarding, and for those with a little backcountry knowledge, the trend is gaining momentum. A splitboard is pretty simple—it’s basically a bifurcated snowboard. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the snowboard has been cut in two lengthwise.

Why would you want a snowboard that splits in two? When travelling uphill or touring, you’re much better off with a pair of skis. Splitboards meet this need by splitting in two. You can also attach adhesive-backed ‘skins’ for added traction on snow, which makes going uphill easier. Then, when it’s time to carve, you can join the two halves back together into a single snowboard.

split snowboard

When splitboarding first started, it didn’t have many fans; the boards were too heavy and cumbersome, but new techniques and materials have changed all that. Weston’s split snowboards are one particular brand that has caught on. Weston makes their splitboards out of a variety of materials with differing amounts of flex to match any style.


If you’re willing to put in the extra effort to find virgin snow, then splitboarding might appeal to you. The great thing about splitboarding is that it is a very social experience. Unlike regular skiing or boarding, you have plenty of time to be together as you hike to your destination. It’s also a great workout, combining attributes of cross country skiing with snowboarding.

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