Vollebak Blue Morpho Jacket Changes Colours Like an Iridescent Butterfly

Named for the Blue Morpho butterfly–which reflects light off its wings to create alternating shades of brilliant blue–Vollebak’s Blue Morpho Jacket is likewise a luminous sight to behold. Consisting of over two billion microscopic blue glass spheres, the jacket is able to mimic the microstructures of the butterfly, curving light and then bouncing it back to the source. As a result, the innovative winter apparel functions like a dynamic mirror, changing colours depending on lighting conditions. Suffice to say, high visibility gear has never looked so sleek and versatile.

vollebak blue morpho jacket deep ocean

By day, the Vollebak Blue Morpho Jacket shifts between colours of deep ocean and liquid metal blue. At night, under the glow of head torches, or in the path of camera flashes, the jacket takes on an industrial, mind-melting shade of bionic blue. To say the jacket emits a trippy effect would be putting it mildly–some of your fellow boarders might actually think that they’re having a flashback.

vollebak blue morpho jacket deep ocean

The geniuses at Vollebak spared no detail or expense putting the Blue Morpho Jacket together. In addition to the microscopic glass spheres, they etched the logo by removing a thin layer via lasers. Meanwhile, the fabric remains smooth to the touch and visually distinguished by unique construction markings. The jacket is fully seam-sealed, breathable, waterproofed, resilient and adjustable. Pair that with the already incredible visibility factor and you’re looking at next level winter wear.

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iridescent butterfly

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