SouthOrd’s MPXS-14 Lock Pick Set Will Get You In Any Lock

It probably goes without saying, but if you’re going to pick up a set of MPXS-14 SouthOrd Lock Picks, you should probably limit your activities to those required by professional locksmiths or a law enforcement officer. Why give a qualifying statement like that at the beginning of an article? Because the SouthOrd lock picks are of such high quality that anyone can master the art of picking locks.

SouthOrd’s lock picks come in a set of 14 individual pieces that are perfect for compromising all shapes, styles, and sizes of American locks. The set includes a short hook, a long hook, a snake rake (“S” rake), a single and a double ball, a jagged rake (“C” rake), both a small and a large half diamond, a jagged snake rake (“L” rake), and a broken key extractor. The set also includes four tension wrenches. All of these pieces come in a leather case to keep them organized. The pieces are made of tempered stainless steel, and, instead of using rough rivets to pin on a handle, they use spot welding to make the picks smoother, which makes them more comfortable and easier to handle.

SouthOrd has been making their own lock picks since 1991. Since then, they’ve been leading out the industry with high quality tools. Not only do they produce lock picks, they also make vehicle entry tools. From beginning lock pickers to professionals, SouthOrd has what you need to start opening locks. Their tools are perfect for locksmiths, law enforcement, military—and maybe even the little brother trying to get at his sister’s locked diary (though we can’t recommend such a practice. Sisters tend to get angry about that invasion of privacy).

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