SQRDUP Golf Alignment Tool Lasers in on Your Game

The SQRDUP Golf Alignment Tool will take your game to the next level with the help of lasers. Stance alignment is important to a consistent, effective swing. Often, learning to align your stance means using sticks or even clubs laid out in a quadrant to help you know where to stand. SQRDUP uses green lasers to provide the same result without the awkwardness. SQRDUP comes with a custom carry bag, a charging cable, and a flexible tripod. You can use SQRDUP to align your stance and your putt

sqrdup golf alignment tool lasers

SQRDUP is the pet project of Randy Bowman. After a 20 year career in the United States Marine Corp, Bowman moved on to the Oil and Gas industry, but that second career came to an end in April, 2017, when he sat down with his wife to inform her that he was quitting his job to pursue his dream of creating SQRDUP. Ten years earlier, his brother had suggested the idea of a golf alignment aid. In January, 2011, the first prototype was put together. It took another six years before Bowman decided to pursue SQRDUP full time, but once he did, the ball started rolling. Production started in March of 2018, and the first units were shipped to backers in April.

sqrdup golf alignment tool game

SQRDUP is already receiving accolades from golf instructors, coaches, and even magazines. If you need to improve your golf game, getting lined up is your first step—and that means getting your own SQRDUP.

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