Stiga USA Snowracer SX Pro Snow Sled Provides the Ultimate Winter Fun

When you think about all of the opportunities winter offers for fun, you might want to consider adding an impressive snow sled to your winter outdoor gear to liven up the cold months. With the right sled, you can turn out freestyle moves and carve turns with blazing speed. Do you Wish your sled had a handbrake that will dig into the snow and slow you down? How about a non-slip foam covered handlebars? If so, then you are in luck because we have a sled for you. The Stiga USA Snowracer SX Pro Snow Sled has both of these things and more, making it the perfect sled for winter thrills.

The Stiga USA Snowracer SX sled sits on two skis along the back. It kind of looks like a cross between a trike and a sled. The Ski System Curve design makes it easy to steer while speeding down a hill. It provides excellent stability and steering control even at pretty high speeds. You can even ride backwards down hills thanks to the twin-tip shape of the front and rear skis.

The sturdy steel frame makes the Stiga Snowracer SX perfect for both adults and kids. Able to accommodate up to 200-lbs, this sled is good even for larger guys. Other features include a tow string, safety steering spring and automatic winder. It is pretty lightweight and can be easily fit into the back of an SUV. This sled was built for years of fun.

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