Sun Bum: Less Ick, More Fun

Whether you are a beach boy surfing the waves, or trying to hit a six on the cricket field, sunscreen is always important to apply. While it protects your skin from UV rays, the icky, slippery feeling of having sunscreen on is what deters a lot of people from putting it on. Sun Bum sunscreen’s is a premium, mineral based sunscreen designed to provide the best in broad spectrum skin protection, minus the gross feeling of having sunscreen on. sun Bum’s formula ensures that sunscreen doesn’t melt down your face, make your hands slippery, and won’t easily come off in any form of rigorous activity, be it in the water, against the wind and of course, under the blazing hot sun. Considering it’s used by lifeguards and other beach rescue organisation, Sun Bum is a trusted brand. Sun Bum offers sun protection in the form of a SPF30 Face Stick, or SPF 30 and SPF 50 sunscreen. Best yet it’s just launched in Australia so you can find it at your local retailers!