The 2PRT Modular Surfboard Goes with the Flow

Swedish designer Thomas Meyerhoffer has earned worldwide acclaim and a slew of awards for his ability to squeeze ingenuity from the sparest of forms. Meyerhoffer also shares a deep bond with the surf, which in Australia basically makes him a brother from another mother. It’s his kinship with surfing that resulted in the 2PRT, a modular surfboard that allows you swap out the nose and tail. Should it work as advertised and one day be mass produced, the board could be the most innovative thing to happen to surfing since the thruster.

2prt modular surfboard in hand

As with so many terrific concepts, the 2PRT is preciously simple. It requires an uncomplicated latch system that takes about 30 seconds to use. Each board is custom-made, clean in aesthetic, and accompanied by one nose and two tales.

While collapsable surfboards already exist, they aren’t modular and don’t steal Meyerhoffer’s thunder. His board is about going with the flow in every sense of the concept. That said, the 2PRT certainly makes traveling with your board a whole lot cheaper and easier as well. Call it a best of all boards scenario. Meyerhoffer will start taking pre-orders in December, and the 2PRT is expected to cost around $1600 USD. May it be the last board you ever buy.

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