Australia’s First Surf Park Opens This Summer

There’s no doubt that Australians love their surfing, but sometimes the fates conspire to prevent surfing from happening—from weather to light to swell conditions and more. URBNSURF Melbourne will be offering surfers the chance to surf at any time, despite conditions.

australia's first surf park

The project will be the first Wavegarden Cove facility in the world. It hasn’t been an easy go of it, but URBNSURF will be opening the first surf park in Australia this summer. “We’re stoked with the progress that we’ve made on site over the last few months, with our next-generation wave generator successfully installed and the surf lagoon rapidly taking shape,” says Andrew Ross, URBNSURF’s Founder and Executive Director. “When you walk around the lagoon and witness the scale of the structures, it’s hard to believe this was just a vacant piece of land less than 12 months ago.”

first surf park opening this summer in australia

The facility is huge. Wavegarden’s Cove test facility measures in at an impressive 120 meters long; the new Melbourne facility measures an additional 80 meters, for a total length of 200 meters. That’s enough room to serve up to 84 surfers an hour. And with the ability to produce up to 1,000 waves per hour, there’ll be plenty to go around. With areas for beginners just learning how to ride, to more advanced riders, the lagoon will keep surfers surfing over and over again. The lagoon can create 18-second two-meter barreling waves to knee-high rollers. You can use short boards, long boards, body boards, boogie boards, even stand-up paddleboards in the pool. You can also surf at night under the Cove’s lights.

australia's surf park

The facility is the dream of former lawyer and investment banker Andrew Ross. “It was of how do you build a church of surfing? How do you build something that appeals to core surfers and beginners?” That church will soon be gathering in converts. “We’re going to be the location where people stand up on surfboards for the very first time,” says Ross. “We regard that very, very highly.”

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