Beaulake Paddleboards Connect You with the Water

Beaulake Paddleboards are stunning combinations of wood and craftsmanship. The woods they use, both domestic and exotic, bring a natural and beautiful spectrum of colors and grains that pull in the eye, mesmerizing the beholder. But, what would you expect from a company that is determined to bring back the cottaging experience of the 50s and 60s?

beaulake paddleboards passion project

Beaulake is a passion project of Paul Lavoie and Lee Kline. The boards they create pull inspiration from many different sources, including a midcentury Riva yacht. Each board bears the name of a lake in Canada, which numbers more lakes than any other country in the world. Each board also features a custom monogram, making it completely original and unique to the owner. Wood, metal, and fiberglass are so carefully integrated together that it?s not uncommon for customers to purchase the paddleboards simply as wall art.

beaulake paddleboards simple water toys

The company is also very selective in the materials they use, again, something you would expect of a company wanting to revisit cottage life. The woods they use are carefully sourced, and they also use finishes without VOCs, volatile organic compounds, which can leak out into the water. Finally, they’re dedicated to not using motorized vessels. All of this is done to help preserve the peace of nature.

Beaulake paddleboards are more than simple water toys, they’re works of art.

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beaulake paddleboards new design

beaulake paddleboards black

beaulake paddleboards narrow

beaulake paddleboards blue

beaulake paddleboards smart logo design

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