Foil into the Future with the Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil

Who doesn’t dream of flying when they’re young? Soaring into vast world and feeling the wind rush through your hair. The Fliteboard isn’t quite flying, but it is the next best thing. You won’t forget your first-time foiling. With wings flying below your and you soaring above, you get a completely untethered experience as your blast across the open oceanscape.

board view fliteboard

With stability and support features built in, almost anyone can learn to operate the fliteboard, but the endless opportunities for tricks, control, and exploration keep the board engaging for even the more experience watersports athletes and adventurers.

man riding fliteboard

Thanks to an impressive cast of scientists, designers, and artists from across the globe, the fliteboard offers outstanding design, engineering, craftsmanship, and support. Each and every finite detail has been tooled for elite performance, usability, and structure.

propulsion view fliteboard

The world’s first unibody motorized foil was crafted with ballistic grade carbon innegra and is made to withstand even the toughest elements.

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