Carve the Surf or the Powder with Lockrack

One of the hardest things about board sports, from snowboarding to surfing to stand up paddling, is transporting the gear to (and from) the location. Unless you live right by the ocean or the mountain and can walk to where you can strap in or paddle out, you’re going to be driving. Which means you either need to awkwardly jam the board into your vehicle, buy a truck that allows you to put the board in the bed which isn’t convenient for most people, or purchase an expensive roof rack. The latter option is the one that is usually chosen—though this leads to another problem: easily attaching the board. It usually takes a good ten to fifteen minutes to properly attach or remove multiple boards from most racks, which is enough of a hassle to make people not want to mess with it—until the recent invention of Lockrack.

carve surf powder lockrack in hand

Invented and popularized in South Africa, the Lockrack attaches easily and solidly to the roof of most vehicles and has a piece of metal at each end that snaps into place over the boards, locking them firmly against the roof of the vehicle. They work in all weather conditions and not only secure the aforementioned boards to the roof of a vehicle, but also canoes, kayaks or even ladders, broadening their usefulness.

So now the hassle of going out on the water or the mountain isn’t an a valid excuse.

Check it out

carve surf lockrack open

carve surf lockrack lock

carve surf lockrack attached to car

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