Kate Moss Decorates Jeff McCallum’s Surfboard

Jeff McCallum has earned an international reputation for his work as a surfboard shaper. His boards are works of art that perform better than just about any other board. And as if they weren’t already beautiful enough, McCallum now has a surfboard that’s sporting an image of the stunning Kate Moss.

McCallum learned to shape surfboards under the legendary Chris Christensen, which is where McCallum picked up his alternative approach to surfboard shaping. McCallum hasn’t utilized traditional surfboard styles; instead, he focuses on performance. “The best surfing in my mind is a mix between ripping hard and powerful, but it’s got to be smooth,” says McCallum. “The boards I make definitely help that they surf a bit smoother. But without a doubt performance is always the most important factor. I try not to worry about the market and what other shapers are doing. I’m just happy and fortunate to be doing it in a time when people are open to different designs and ideas.” For someone not that interested in marketing and who focuses on performance over looks, decking out a board with an image of supermodel Kate Moss is sheer genius. Who can resist Moss’s beauty, after all?

Jeff Mccallum Surfboard

The board measures 172 cm wide and 52.7 cm high, with a depth of 6.4 cm. Made out of 80 percent polyurethane and 20 percent resin, the entire front of the board is covered with an image of Moss from the Winter 2018 campaign by Inez & Vinoodh as a part of Anthony Vaccarello’s vision for Saint Laurent’s WINTER 18 collection. Vaccarello is the creative director for Saint Laurent. The back side of the surfboard has an image of a sandy beach with blue water and the Saint Laurent logo in white. The board is available solely through Saint Laurent and can be found on their site, YSL.com. The board is priced at $5,500.

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