Quiksilver Highline Airlift Vest is a Life Saver

Aside from maybe shark attacks, a surfer’s worst nightmare is usually being taken out by a giant wave or getting trapped in a nasty undertow. Now, thanks to an extraordinary new neoprene vest from Quiksilver, at least some of those fears will be put to rest., Dubbed the Quiksilver Highline Airlift Vest, and made in collaboration with diving gear manufacturer Aqua Lung, the brilliant apparel couples the fit of a wet suit with the functionality of a life vest. Indeed, this one has Australia written all over it.

quiksilver highline airlift four inflation pull tabs

Two years in the making, the Quiksilver Highline Airlift Vest comes equipped with four inflation pull tabs and one deflation pull tab. The tabs are expertly placed so as to provide easy access when it counts the most. Meanwhile, the deflation tab is purposefully separated from the other tabs to reduce the chance of mix ups. In the case of emergency, pull one of the inflation tabs and the neoprene vest will use built-in carbon dioxide cartridges to float you to surface.

quiksilver highline airlift extra tier of safety

While the vest does indeed offer an extra tier of safety, Quiksilver is going to great lengths to remind folks that they shouldn’t feel emboldened by wearing it. In other words, just because you’re wearing the vest, that doesn’t mean you should go seeking out the massive tubes you were previously avoiding. Likewise, the vest is being marketed to experienced surfers with strong swimming skills. Consider it the last line of defence between you and a vengeful ocean.

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