Radinn G2X Jetboard is Back from the Future

The Radinn G2X Jetboard gets us one step closer to the hoverboard we’ve all been waiting for. What exactly is the jetboard? Much like the name sounds, the jetboard is essentially a surfboard with a powerful electric motor built into it. You’d expect Q to be issuing something like the Radinn G2X to James Bond before his next mission. Elite troops should be using this to sneak upriver on top secret missions. The idea that something like the G2X is available to the public is stellar.

radinn g2x jetboard sounds like real steel

We’ll give you the bad news first: if you want to pick up the G2X, your wallet will be taking around a US$12,000 hit. Considering what this board is capable of, though, that sounds like a real steal. The G2X can reach speeds that top out at 50kmh and maintain those speeds for around 35 minutes. The battery takes about two hours to charge. Lugging it to an outlet won’t be easy but shouldn’t be too challenging as the board about 88 pounds. For a price, you can decrease the charging time with the ultrafast charger. You can also increase the Watt hours and performance time—2,800 Watt hours for 25 minutes at full speed, or 3,700 Watt hours for 35 minutes. You can also max out the speed and get up to 58kmh. You can also purchase a powerpack to swap out batteries and stay on the water.

radinn g2x jetboard side view

Whether you’re looking at fresh or salt water; rapids, waves, or still, the G2X is up to the challenge.

Check it out

radinn g2x jetboard men riding

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